Implemented Specflow testing layer


Project Info

As requested, implemented Specflow testing layer on top of Selenium with MSTest as the assert engine in both cases.

Created end to end tests for large Insurance related testing functionality in a mostly .NET, C#, MVC, SQL Server, IIS environment using Specflow, Selenium, a few C# based tools to fill in the communication gaps from multi-application communications.

During this project, we picked up a create from scratch Web app automation job, but it was for JSP pages, on Tomcat. We used Selenium for this, but it was difficult because they insisted on using a data driven approach, not for the test data, but for the actual element lookups.

In their application, the content was served dynamically based on URL params that come in from a users browser http(s) request. So we created the selenium to work the same way, based on the params, we would grab the element values we needed to get handles on them and interact to drive testing.

So it was implemented as they requested, and when it was done, it was pretty interesting to see, as their database supplied element names, values, and other presentation layer pieces of information needed to construct the pages properly, they had over 5,000 different websites being created out of their data, and after the automation was completed, it tested all 5,000 of their apps, right out of the gate, for a HUGE gain in efficiency, and quality.