Prime Alliance

Prime Alliance

Assessment for automation to gain efficiency, and tooling prototype


Project Info

Creating the automation strategy, then following through with it.

Assessment for automation to gain efficiency, and tooling prototype to make sure the elements of the web applications under test could be properly interacted with in regards to clicking buttons, entering text, etc…

Created framework to supply build integration, email notification, parallel execution and links to the test case repositories and historical reporting system with test results with each run.

Their set of financial applications were created using an old, but bare bones, ASP .NET on IIS structure with SQL Server as the Back-end. Through most of the pages, no Names, IDs, CSS Selectors, XPath, etc… were providing anything unique. On some of these pages, we had to return all the objects by a tag type, iterate the children, and verify the locator string for Selenium by going up Parents nodes in the DOM, until a unique value could be used relative to the node we needed to interact with. Not ideal, but for the time being it worked fine until we convinced the developers to add a few IDs and Names on a group of elements that allowed us to get rid of the workaround and access the locators now directly.